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Day four marks the half way point of my trip.  I don't think I am liking how fast the time is passing.  I can already tell that I will just be getting used to things and it will be time to head back to the beautiful northwest, U.S.A.  Of course I miss my family and wish they were right here beside me but, this place holds a magical air that someone can't help but want to be a part of.

This morning we slept in a little, 07:30.  Woke to another beautiful blue sky and the sound of the surf gracefully brushing the shore.  Michelle being the fantastic little hostess she is, brought me coffee in the hammock!  Today's plan was to head into town and soak up some of the culture and see some sights.  After sipping some coffee while breathing the beautiful sea air, we got ready and headed into town.  First stop, breakfast...Mexican style!

Breakfast spot...Caleb's Cafe.
(Click on pictures for a larger view)  

Trying to decide what to have was nearly impossible with all of the delicious sounding things listed on the menu.
Finally settled with the chorizo and eggs accompanied with fresh refried beans and rice.  
And of course, fresh homemade flour tortillas to help with the shoveling process!   
Absolutely delicious!

Street views from Caleb's.

Just about anything with a motor was legal.
I absolutely loved it!

I very much enjoyed the paintings that often decorated the walls of the buildings.  

This poor guy had some not so good luck recently by falling out the back of a pickup truck.  The owner of the dog and the little grocery store said it scared him to death, but was thankful that his dog was making a good recovery.

Local bike shop.

Homes on the hill with a beautiful view overlooking 
the Sea of Cortez.

The desert, although beautiful in its own unique way,
has a multitude of harsh elements.
The hot and dry environment brings challenges to all creatures.

One of the ocean front restaurants.
Love this sign!

We made another trip to this fantastic produce store and picked up some kale, pineapple, kiwi, and blueberries.
Their fruits and veggies were unbelievably fresh!
Just how nature intended!

Of course we had to stop here!

Within a few days, this little pug inside the tackle shop was just about to have a batch of little pugs.  A very sweet and friendly little girl.  There were no shortage of dog kisses! 

Although this shop was pretty small,
it was loaded with the big beautiful lures!

This wicked barbaric looking contraption is a
lure used to catch squid!

This is my favorite picture of the entire trip.
This little angel and her grandmother were outside the tackle shop and she allowed me to take their picture.
An absolute doll this one was!

Even though it was in the middle of town,
the animals found any little spot of shade possible.

This felt like deja vu to me. 

  I love the rustic older rigs.

Brian and Michelle have a UV system on their home water system that kills all of the bacteria and is quite palatable.
This bottled water however, was much tastier for drinking.

A look around the back streets of town. 

Dirt roads everywhere.  I didn't mind it at all.
The dirt roads actually reminded me a lot of where I grew up.

The cozy little neighborhood. 

This big guy was perched up on the neighbors roof.
He too knows what a fantastic view it is!

After Michelle and I got back from town, Brian asked me if I wanted to go back into town to one of the tackle shops to get some supplies for tomorrow's fishing trip.

Inside, more walls lined with these ridiculously cool looking lures.  I don't know what it was, but these things were really beautiful to look at.

After Brian and I got back from the tackle shop in town, we headed over to the neighbor's to stick our feet in his beachside pool and talk about the good things in life. 

Being the wonderful host he was, offered a delicious Mexican craft beer.  This one had a touch of coffee.  Not a bad way to rest by the pool and look out at the Sea of Cortez! 

Later that night, Brian said we had to go back into town and give one of the street vendor hotdogs a try.  Are you kidding me?  I am not one to consume these mystery tube steaks but, had to do it for adventures sake.  

Adorned with grilled onion, mustard, mayo, ketchup, and a homemade bun...this was by far the best hotdog I had ever eaten! 

Even the packaging for the hotdog had a unique hand tie to close the plastic bag.  I will most definitely have another one of these my next trip down!

With another fantastic, event filled day in the books, I was already looking forward to what tomorrow had to bring.
Another day of fishing!!

"We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong"  --Unknown
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