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Day 6!
Are you going fishing again?  Why wouldn't I?!  Vacation is supposed to consist of relaxing by the pool and sipping cocktails, right?  Well, maybe for some.  I myself prefer to be seeking new experiences and trying new things.  This vacation has proven to be just that.  Never had I been deep sea fishing in warm water before.  Even though the hurricane put a pretty good hurt on the fishing, we were bound and determined to get something, somewhere!  Lack of effort was certainly not the issue on this trip.  Even so, without the fish, this place has certainly won my heart over and I am already looking forward to the next chance to get back down here.

Up and at'em at 06:00 again.  It is so peaceful waking up every morning to the sun smiling at you while you swing gently in your hammock overlooking the Sea of Cortez!

Today it got serious!  We invited a local and friend of Brian and Michelle's to come with us to help us find some rooster fish!  Luis is well known in the area for his fishing skills and his ability to find these somewhat elusive and beautiful fish.  

A rooster fish is easily identified by its distinct "rooster combs" along its dorsal.

(Picture courtesy of

Back to the marina to load up the boat.

Gear ready for the trip.

This is Luis.
Our guide for finding the beautiful rooster fish.
Super nice guy!

Luis at the helm.

Today we headed south to the known rooster grounds.

A small light house on the point.

Luis prepping the bait.

Beautiful houses along the coastline.
Everyone here was waving as we went by.  

Looking for any sign of game fish.

These crazy brown pelicans hung out on the wall at the marina.
They were often found bugging the bait boat and sneaking their share of the catch.  Funny characters indeed!

Back on land and yes, time for lunch back at
Restaurant Bar "La Costa"!

Did you think I would pass these up?
I think not!
Today I gave the fish tacos a try.
Uh, yes, just as delicious as the shrimp tacos from yesterday.
This place knows how to make your belly smile.

During this visit,
I took some pictures of the fish oriented decorations.
This is a fish scale.

Shark jaws!

I loved the colors and the light through the bamboo!

Yes, I know, it's a sink but I love the contrasts of color, the mix of materials, and the light shapes in the sink bowl.

On the way back to the house through La Ribera,
I spotted some very cool wall advertisements.  

The rustic design is amongst my favorite.

After we got back to the house, Michelle and I again grabbed the Razor and went for a spin around the area.
Here is a perfect example of how hard the salt air is on all things metal.

I was hoping to see one and we did!  This is one of the neighborhood road runners.
I kept looking for Wile E. Coyote, but no luck.

Crazy stout cactus.

Sweet faces.

Although the desert is a very harsh and dry environment, it manages to produce some beautiful flowers!

Getting ready to bloom!

A good example of look but don't touch!

Skeletal remains of a cactus.

Yes, these are donkeys just cruising through town.

Cemetery sky line.

A perfect sunset to another fantastic day.

We were able to get a few aggressive bites and a couple on but was only for a short moment.  We never did catch a rooster fish.  We did in fact spot quite a few but they had other things on their mind than taking a slurp at our offering.  

It's hard to believe that this vacation is close to being over but tomorrow holds more adventure.
Time to hit the deep water and join the fish scuba diving.
If you can't catch'em, join'em!!

"Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it."  --Harry Middleton
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