Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Day Five...
     Fishing again?  Heck yes!  Rise and shine at first light, 06:00.  Brian and I headed out this morning to have a go at it again.  As the water continues to improve, the fishing must follow suit!  

Like before, we headed to the marina to get the boat loaded and get our daily live bait.  

Beautiful morning at the marina.

Brian and I feel the same way about fishing!  
Let's roll!

The bait boat.
Fresh bait is a must for the big game fishing.

Today we got some very unique bait fish called ballyhoo.
A very unusual looking fish indeed!

Ballyhoo, a species of halfbeak, is a fish that prefers to be near the surface over sandy bottoms.  Their diet consists mostly of grasses and small fish.  Their length averages from 10-12" but can be as large as 16".  They are edible but are mainly used for bait.

The Ballyhoo are prepared by snipping off their lower jaw and inserting the large hook underneath. 

The Ballyhoo is also threaded through the eyes to ensure that the bait stays more secure while being drug through the boat wake.

It is then connected to a squid plug.  
This rig represents a squid consuming a fish.  
The bigger fish find this delectable.  

Looks delicious!

Bait fish in the tank.

Lil' Puffer back out to sea.
I loved this little work horse!

The helm.

In the upper right hand corner you can see the surface temperature of the water...80.1!!

Yes, this is an ocean.

Brian and I were about 18 miles out today.
Out here the surface water temperature was 84.9!  

As we were cruising around looking for fish, 
these guys came to pay a visit.  

It was so cool how they came up and swam right next to the boat.  One of my most favorite animals.  
I wanted to jump in and swim with them!

So who's the goofball at the helm taking selfies 
while Brian does all the work?

Yes, that would be me.

Watching and waiting for that fin on the water!

Although Brian and I ended up getting skunked fishing again, 
we hit a couple of places on the way home.  
First stop, a cool little tackle shop in La Ribera called Baja Tackle & Marine.  The owner's name is Jim Hass.  A very nice guy with a great little shop.  Everything you needed and very reasonable prices.  
If you are ever in the area and need some supplies, you can email Jim at or reach him at 52 (624) 130-0077.

This one was the tackle shop greeter.
As you can tell she was vicious.

This boat was for sale next to the tackle shop.  I loved it.
The hard part would have been convincing the airlines that it was suitable to check in with the luggage. 

I love the simple and unique architecture.

So after the tackle shop, we stopped here.
This place changed my life for real Mexican food!

Behind the bar making the good stuff!

Starting things off right...a pina colada. 

Absolutely THE best mixed drink I have ever had!

The very freshest of pineapple made this ever so savory! 

There are no words to describe how unbelievably tasty this was!

Homemade chips and salsa appetizer!

A palm tree in the middle of the restaurant.

Well you didn't expect me to quit drinking these beautiful beverages after the pina colada did you?
Here is the best mango daiquiri I've ever had!

Uh yes, I'd like one of everything please!

Brian offering up his garlic shrimp.  

My lunch...shrimp tacos adorned with all the homemade fixings:  guacamole, shredded carrots and cabbage, pico de gallo, rice, and beans!  So very very yummy!

I was able to get into the kitchen to find out where the food magic happens.  Here is the chef Pedro and his helpers.  He has cooked at various places around the world.  I was lucky enough to be in the same place he was so I could sample his 'works of art'.  A very talented chef indeed!
This is Efren, our waiter, and the owner.  He welcomes you in like it was his own home.  What a wonderful little establishment.  I am in hopes that this won't be the last trip here!

Another fantastic day on the Sea of Cortez.  
Another adventure filled day tomorrow!

"There are always new places to go fishing.  For any fisherman, there's always a new place, always a new horizon." 
-- Jack Nicklaus

***I have very unfortunate news.  I have just learned that La Costa Restaurant was destroyed in a fire in August.  I am very saddened to have heard this news but want to wish Efren and his staff the best of luck in a speedy rebuild of the restaurant.

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