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At 05:50 on the second day and the first morning in Mexico, I awoke to a small ray of light shining in my face.  To my pleasant surprise, I was being awoken by the very first rays of the sun making its presence for the day.  I peaked over my hammock and saw a small orange sliver of light peaking over the far horizon of the Sea of Cortez.  I had never been woken in this manner before.  It was heaven-like!

Being woke up by the first light of the morning sun instantly puts you in the right mood to start the day!
A special place indeed!

While we were having our breakfast and coffee, we saw this in the ocean from the kitchen.  A "bait ball"!
I learned that these bait balls are a smaller fish that swarm in a tight, spherical formation.  This action serves as a defensive measure when these fish feel threatened by predators.  I was lucky enough to see quite a few of these on my trip.  Quite a sight!  Mother Nature and the food chain at work!

Not long after this ball of fish dissolved into the deep, Michelle was quick to point out another phenomenon.  About 200 yards off shore, there were mobula rays moving south down the coast line and jumping out of the water and making a belly flop sound.  Spectacular!
I was unable to get a picture but found this excellent BBC video to explain what happens and why.
(I wish I could take credit for this outstanding footage!)

The Sea of Cortez is known world wide for its unparalleled salt water fly fishing.  Only knowing a tiny bit about salt water fly fishing, I brought our 9 wt fly rod down there with me anyway.  Can't be that much different, right?

Some time ago I had tied up a bunch of these Clouser Minnow's for bass fishing but they seemed like the right hardware to represent small ocean like fish.  I took a stab at it and actually had some type of silver fish having a long look at it.  
Unfortunately all I caught this day was a bit of a sunburn!

I was in the house when I thought I heard the world's largest mosquito.  I ran outside to this making a drive by down the beach!
I yelled out to see if I could catch a ride but,
he must not have heard me.  
(Ok, not really but it crossed my mind!)

Returning to base.

After not having any luck with the fly fishing from the shore, Michelle and I hopped in the Razor and headed north on the beach toward town in hopes of finding a dive shop to rent a couple of scuba tanks.  After looking around on what we thought was supposed to be the spot for the scuba shop at the resort, we found some beautiful flora instead.  The resort had cute little adobe type huts adorned with flowers like these.


Without any luck finding the scuba shop on the beach, we headed home and contacted one of the owner's of the shop and decided to meet 'Claire' at a mutual spot in town.  Shortly after we arrived in town,  Michelle and I met up with Claire and were able to rent our scuba tanks so we could do some diving from the house.  We also met Claire's business partner, Simon.  Both very nice.  Very British - straight from England.  It's always a treat for me to hear another language or a heavy accent.  Simon is a scuba instructor and teaches kiteboarding in the winter.
Simon and Claire had been in town less than a year and were building their new scuba business and were in the midst of moving and finding a more permanent shop.
If you are ever in the area, I would suggest looking them up.
Here is the link to their website:
Dive In Baja

After getting our tanks rented, Michelle and I went across the street to the local produce market.  I could smell the goodness of the fresh food before I stepped foot inside!
When you first walk in, there were dozens and dozens of eggs on the shelves!  Wait, what?  "Eggs out in the heat?", I asked Michelle.  We're talking 90 degree heat!  Michelle said because their eggs aren't pasteurized like ours are in the states, they can withstand it.  Farm fresh and delicious!!

After Michelle and I got back from town, it was time for lunch.  Yep!  Yummy leftovers from Norma's chicken mole!  Just as good as the night before.  Such a treat!
After lunch it was time for, yep, a siesta!  Took a 20 minute nap out in the hammock.  Gently swaying in the ocean breeze and listening to the gentle roll of the ocean.  More heaven!

Woke up to the neighbor yelling, "Dorado! Dorado!".  I sat up out of the hammock to see two fly fisherman dressed in long sleeves, pants, and a face covering running up and down the beach frantically.  They were after two very large dark shapes swimming gracefully and quickly not 20 feet from the surf!
One of them managed to get a quick bite, but it was over before it started!  Very cool to observe and learn!

Michelle and I planned on doing some scuba diving that afternoon right from the house, but the wind picked up causing the ocean to stir itself up like a weak chocolate milk.  Not only did the visibility diminish, but it also brought in sea algae, and jellyfish!!  SO bummed!
We ended up just walking about a mile up the beach to what they call "The Point".  We found many jelly fish like these and a few Man O' War washed upon the beach!  I am glad that we did not snorkel or dive that day!  Found some shells and some really cool broken glass pieces that had been worn smooth by the constant washing machine effect of the ocean and the sand.

Poor little puffer fish.  
He must have been dehydrated and drank the salt water.

Here is "The Point".
A rocky out cove that hosts a resting place for the brown pelican and a ton of sea life below the surface.  Beautiful walk on the beach!

Another great day in paradise!
Day 3 we'll try our luck at deep sea fishing!
It's time to get serious about wetting a line!

"Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach"

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  1. Clear, clear air and blue, blue, blue skies! Beautiful! Looking forward to Day 3!