Tuesday, November 11, 2014


It's no secret that I love outdoor gear.  I get excited about all of it.  New fabrics, new materials, new ideas.  I almost love packing the gear for the adventure just about as much as the adventure itself.  The downside to packing that gear, is at some point, I am most likely going to be using a bungee cord.  I love them, but I don't love them.  The biggest hang up I have with bungee cords are the open hooks.  Necessary yes, but at times, a royal pain in the you know what when more than two of them get together.

So when Jeff, owner and inventor of the LoopRope sent me a 5' LoopRope with two 3.5" LoopClip carabiners to try out, I was immediately impressed!  This is one of the most unique ideas I've seen in awhile.  I took a few months and really put this thing to the test in various environments and situations and I didn't even come close to using it to its full potential.  The best part of it is, I couldn't find a thing wrong with it, nor would I change anything about it.

Made from quality, durable materials, the LoopRope comes in several lengths in various colors.  Two LoopClip carabiners are also included with each cord. 

The five foot LoopRope with two 3.5" LoopClip carabiners.  
The cord itself is 1/4".

The 'anchor knot' is usually the basis 
for one end of the LoopRope.

These are one liter fuel bottles.  
They both stayed and road like this on 40 miles of ATV trails.

I just happened to throw this onto my pack for an outing to try it out and it was very convenient to attach things as needed.

Because of its integrated loops, it is really easy to securely
 attach just about anything of almost any shape.

It worked perfectly for holding down the parcels on the way to the post office on the shelf I built for the FJ Cruiser.  

To see how I made the storage shelf, here's the link to the post:  

The two stainless steel carabiners that come 
with the cord are very sturdy.

I understand that the 'ultralight' and 'light' crowd would cringe at the thought of taking this piece of equipment.  I however, am one that opts to bring gear that brings many uses at only 7.5 ounces.

Easy to hang the pack along with whatever else gear that 
can hang from the loops around the tree.

"The glove box"
The LoopRope even worked as a make shift leash.

The front of our utility trailer has a tie down rail.  
The LoopRope was easily attached to fasten down the seven gallon water jug.

Use it for attaching gear to your car roof rack, secure your gear in your pulk, bundle firewood and kindling and use a loop as a handle, a tool hanger, hang wet gear, hauling decoys, rod holder in a vehicle, or suspend it between two points and place your rods vertically in the loops without them falling over.  Great for your RV, snowmobile, and boat.

The uses for this thing are only limited by the imagination.  I would highly recommend this product not only for your outdoor adventures, but for your everyday needs as well. 

"I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better."  --Elon Musk

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