Thursday, August 21, 2014


Every now and again I get the privilege of helping out one of our local fly shops with their online media.  One of the benefits I get are the little tricks I pick up amongst the shop talk.  One trick that I just learned was a new (to me) way to tie your fishing line onto the hook.  I have always used an improved clinch knot when tying on a hook.  This new way knot is called a "non-slip loop knot".  The knot is designed to allow the hook to float freely on the line rather than the line being pinched down on the hook.  Because the hook is able to move more freely, it looks more natural while floating in the water.

For demonstrations sake, the yellow line will pose as your fishing line and the blue loop will be your hook eye.

Here is how to tie it:
Tie a small simple overhand knot about 8" up the fishing line.

Thread the 'tag' end of the fishing line, through the eye of the hook.

Pull the tag end back around to the overhand knot.

Thread the tag end back through the overhand knot.

Wrap the tag end of the fishing line back around itself 5-6 times.

After wrapping around the line, thread the tag end back up through the overhand knot.  Make sure it comes back up through the same way it originally went in.

Finally, moisten the line (saliva works best) and with a slow, gentle pull on the tag end, cinch up the wraps on the line.  At the same time, hold the main line and the loop to adjust it to tighten onto itself.

Spit on my fishing line?  It might sound a little barbaric but, the reason you must moisten your line is, leaving the line dry will cause the line to build heat and bite into itself and my cause a weak point in your line.  The slow gentle pulling motion combined with the lubrication from your saliva lets the line glide onto itself without excessive, unwanted heat.  Don't let the big one break your line.  Spit!

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