Thursday, July 31, 2014


For the past six months or so, I have been knee deep coaching youth softball.  At times, up to three teams, all while working the night shift. Putting nearly all things on hold in my life except for some special youngsters that I became very fond of.

It wasn't just the love of the game that kept me motivated through the hectic, close to no sleep, caffeine induced madness, it was the smile on their faces when they achieved something they worked so hard to get.  The finally "got it" moment.  The little voices saying, "hi coach!" when you show up at the field.  The "thank you for helping me coach" gratitude.   It was all the little things that made my heart smile.  The little things that we don't always recognize in our busy, fast-paced world.  They taught me to slow down and sit back just for a minute and look; enjoy the youth in ourselves.  

Our lives are not about things and the things we think we need to have.  Our lives are about what we do and doing what is right to better others.  As a two-time NCJAA National Champion and former All-American collegiate softball player, I was honored at the opportunity to teach them good solid skills on the field to become better players at the game they love.  More importantly however, I was more honored to teach them that the many facets of the game and putting in hours of hard work builds life long skills in their foundation as they come into their own.  You get out of what you put in.  

It's not just about the's about the little things. 

 "Sport is the one true citizen of the world, it goes unchecked into every niche of the human spirit."  --Unknown