Sunday, June 23, 2013


Have you ever been out and on an adventure and wish you had a grill for your fresh harvest?  Well take a look at this little ingenious item.  It's called "Grilliput".  A portable grill for those on the go.  Perfect for hiking, dual sport riding, in your ATV pack, snowmobile, or tackle box.  This thing actually stores very neatly inside of itself and is a full functioning, instant outdoor grill when you need it!

Made of stainless steel, measuring less than a foot, and weighing just over a pound, this high quality, handy cooker will run you around $25. 

Yes, this is a grill.

All the components fit inside itself.

Assembly starts by taking one of the two L-shaped rods and
inserting them into the end of the slotted tube.

After both L-shaped rods are inserted through the slotted tube,
loosely thread the L-shaped rods into the other tube.

After connecting the threaded ends of the L-shaped rods,
place the straight rods into the holes on the solid rod...

...and then slip the solid rods into the slots on the other tube.

After all of the rods are in place, at the same time,
tighten the whole unit together using the L-shaped rod ends. 
Careful not to overtighten.

Now screw each of the legs into each corner.

The Grilliput fully assembled.

We used a folding Ezbit stove to house natural materials for fuel. 
Be careful using too much direct flame heat as it does slightly warp the rods.
We were very impressed with its performance and are looking
forward to getting many meals out of it.

Grilliput website:

Great instructional video for assembly of the Grilliput:

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