Friday, August 3, 2012


Although I have always liked the look of a driftboat, and running a river is one of my favorite things to do,  I have about as much experience operating a driftboat as a dog does driving a car.  And owning one...even less.  Prior to knowing my husband, he had not only built one, but he also built the trailer that it rode on.  With that, he has many hours of operating experience under his belt.

A couple of months ago, we bought a Willie's driftboat from a good friend of ours. We knew that it was a good choice for us because of it's many uses.  We often refer to it as our 'multi-tool' for just about any type of body of water.  Fishing, hunting, crabbing, you name it.  We thought it would be a good idea to improve our skills while running a river, especially mine.  A good friend of ours just happens to be a fly fishing and driftboat instructor.  I knew that these boats handled like no other on a river, but after spending a few hours with an instructor, we were both blown away.  During one of our drills, our instructor had us hover nearly on top of a large boulder.  After finding the right spot in the current behind the boulder, I was able to lift my oars out of the water while the boat just rode on the current.  We could hardly believe it.  I think it was at that moment, I was hooked.

Here are a few pictures of our maiden voyage.
Ready to head to one of our favorite mountain lakes.

A beautiful day for a boat ride.

The guided driftboat lesson...
Gearing up for the river drift.

Final gear check

Hubby in the drivers seat
Working the eddy

Getting direction for the next drill.

End of a great learning experience!

I am very much looking forward to many future trips in this boat and the new experiences that it will bring. 

If you would like more information in regards to booking a trip or learning new fly fishing skills, I highly recommend Ron Lauzon.  Here is the link to his website:

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