Sunday, August 12, 2012


I love the way I feel after completing a long road bike ride.  As a recreational rider, I feel like I've really accomplished something worthy.  The numb, tingly fingers and toes, the sore back and neck from being stuck in a position that God or anyone else never intended to be comfortable,  stiff, rubbery legs that don't allow you to appropriately use a toilet anytime soon, and not to mention the mild mutations that your 'sitter' area takes on.

With all of the above benefits of road cycling, it is one of the few cardio exercises that I truly enjoy.  Living in central Oregon makes it that much sweeter.  The views are stunning, the air is crisp, and the skies are almost always blue.  Being the recreational rider that I am, it has always been helpful to have motivational music to listen to during the ride.  This not only puts my mind somewhere else, but more importantly, to drown out the sometimes rather loud wheezes that are expelled from my blowhole while my lungs are screaming for mercy.

Until recently, I have always used my iPod as my entertainment companion.  With my now "less is more" mentality, I have upgraded to the all-in-one iPhone.  I absolutely love it.  At first I was a little skeptical as to how I was going to make the most of the music function while riding (all of which could be done before by touch with the iPod through my jersey).  I wanted the ability to utilize multiple functions while riding at the same time, including talking on the phone and monitoring the riding apps to check my progress.  With this, my goal was to find a very durable case that was compatible with a bike mount.  While cruising the internet, I stumbled upon ROKFORM.  Not only do they have a super cool website, but they have very high quality, great looking products.  Located in southern California, ROKFORM, has come up with some truly innovative iPhone and iPad accessories.  Made of high quality materials, their products are designed, engineered, (and my favorite) MADE IN THE USA. 

After poking around extensively on their website, watching youtube videos, and reading review after review, it only made sense to get this outfit.  Here is the "ROKBED v3 iPhone 4S Protective Case" and the "ROKBED v3 Bike Mount Kit".

"The Ride"

The lanyard cinches onto the stem as an extra precautionary 

Line up the notches on the mount to the back of the phone and give it a quarter turn to tighten.  
The black rubber piece incorporated into the back of the case is a magnet.  This is very handy when hanging on metal surfaces. 

Phone fully secured on mount

I use the Logitech UE earbuds with a built-in microphone and on-cord controls.  
If I receive a phone call while riding and the music is playing, with just one touch, the music pauses itself and the phone call is answered.  When the person hangs up, the music automatically resumes where it left off.

The Rokform case comes with the compatible attachment for your vehicle. 

Attached is a 3.5mm cord that runs to the auxiliary port in the car.  I can listen to iTunes or talk on the phone hands free.

I have been nothing but impressed with this setup...both on the bike and in the car.   Here is the link for Rokform:

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